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1 Hour Tour

TElephantshis tour lasts just over an hour it is an incredibly exciting and beautiful trip around the western end of the island, and suitable for people of all ages and skill levels. The tour departs the Waterlot Inn dock in Jews Bay, and the site seeing begins here, so keep your eyes open. As well as going out to see many cool and beautiful places, we often see some cool wildlife, there is chance of seeing a ray swim by in the bay or even jump, turtles are seen quite often whilst on the tour, but you have to be fast as they scare quite easily, there are always fish around, and we also regularly see blue and white herons, and the ever popular and graceful Bermuda Longtails.

SomersetBridgeThe tour guide will take you through Somerset Bridge (the worlds smallest draw bridge) into Ely's Harbour, a (tranquil small harbour rich in Bermuda History, and elephants!?). Ely's harbor takes you out onto the western waters of the island, (an area known as the Sea Gardens because of the lush undersea reef which is clearly visible from the surface).

Skimming through the sea gardens we shoot across to Daniels Head and the incredibly popular intact shipwreck the Vixen (this shipwreck sunk in the 1890's is now home to hundreds of fish who come up to greet the skis whenever we arrive, a truly amazing spectacle). From here we head east on the skis through more of the beautiful sea gardens and along beautiful coastal beaches, bays and islands.

go 1We cut back into the Great Sound Through a small and seldom used connecting bridge, called Grays Bridge, and begin to make our way back toward the Waterlot. The trip home may vary depending on time, if time permits, we will take you into Hamilton harbor to point out some Mansions and famous homes of the island, or through some of the small private and secluded islands in the harbor including house where the "Wizard of Oz" was written and the island's first airport for seaplanes. Of course there is always time to "play around" a bit on the skis, whether you do this during the tour or if the guide has time to give you at the end, we just ask that people practice extreme safety whenever driving the skis, and that you keep an adequate distance away from other skis when doing spins or turns, and that you don't do any sudden spins or turns when people are following you or near you.



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