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2 Hour Safari

2hr tourThis tour will include everything mentioned in the 1hr tour plus so much more. The first difference is obviously time, These sites you see are truly breathtaking and the two hour tour allows you a little more time to sit back relax and soak up the atmosphere of being in paradise on the water. There are plenty of sites to see in Bermuda, and on the two hour tour there is a host of other places we can get to. My favorite spots to visit on the two hour tour are:


Pompano Beach, an amazing sand bar off the western most point of the island, which covers almost a ¾ of a square mile. This knee to waste deep body of water with a silky, white sand bottom produces the most amazing colors for any body of water anywhere.


Our Special Snorkel Spot. I'd love to tell you where it is but you can't get to it by scooter anyway, so you'll have to come check it out on the jet ski. In any case it is a gorgeous secluded bay, and tiny island we stop at. You are almost guaranteed to see something cool. We've seen octopus and squid there on odd occasions, but more commonly you'll see a school of Angel fish, Parrot fish and loads of other tropical fish, as well as an abundance of live corals.


Mangrove Bay. If the weather isn't quite right for our secret snorkel spot Mangrove bay is a close second for sheer beauty, and great snorkeling. You're practically guaranteed Angel fish and a variety of other tropical fish, and if your lucky we regularly spot Hog fish, and the occasional spiny lobster.Additional spots we may get to.


Reef Snorkeling, it's always fun checking out the reefs of Bermuda, there are always beautiful fish and living corals, fans, and fauna. The Royal Naval Dockyard. Built to protect Bda in 1800's it is quite a site to see close up from the water. Admiralty House Cliffs. 80 foot high cliffs with large naturally eroded caves you can only see and enter from water.


Local Mansions and Hamilton Harbour. Some of these local estates are rumored to cost up to $50 million quite something to see. Of course there is always time to "play around" a bit on the skis, whether you do this during the tour or if the guide has time to give you at the end, we just ask that people practice extreme safety whenever driving the skis, and that you keep an adequate distance away from other skis when doing spins or turns, and that you don't do any sudden spins or turns when people are following you or near you.


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